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- About us


The Dany Marcus brand combines modern design and functionality. We are convinced that an organized and minimalist lifestyle leads to more clarity and productivity.

At its core, minimalist design is functional, without extras and with a focus on the essentials. Minimalism works because our eyes, like our brains, can only pay a limited amount of attention to a design.

In a time of abundance and overstimulation of our senses, we should surround ourselves with objects that have an aesthetic effect and convince through their simplicity in form and composition.

Dany Marcus stands for timeless design, high quality and durability, with which we want to make a contribution to sustainability.

We believe that we are not alone with our demands on these attributes. In many areas of life we ​​have a pronounced sense of beauty, such as the choice of cell phone, car or handbag. Although we spend 6-10 hours a day at our desk or workplace, we forego aesthetics and design in this area.

Our brand was founded after unsuccessful searches for aesthetically pleasing office items. With the products of the Dany Marcus office collection, we want to offer an alternative to the boring, dreary or screeching colorful office items.

- The founders

Daniela is an order expert, psychological advisor and lecturer.

Markus is a self-employed management consultant.

They have combined their experience and their love for simplicity and design in their brand Dany Marcus in name and products.

- Contact us

If you want to find out more about us, Dany Marcus or new products, please do not hesitate to contact us!